Our crowd funding campaign on ZOOMAL represents what we have been doing about it so far. Our dream is to support more people to do it with us. We’re inviting people to our table to get to know each other and strengthen the connections within local communities.

We believe in the power of dialogue as being essential piece for community engagement, combating prejudice, and bringing about change. Challenges such as ignorance, inaction, lack of communication and walls between us in real life and online require our attention.


Shams Community is a nonprofit organization housed in Amman, Jordan. Shams is founded on the premise that every individual has the potential to create change, both for themselves and their society. Shams aims to facilitate such change by connecting, inspiring and empowering people to redesign their lives and the communities that they live in, for the betterment of the world.

The team is a group of young dedicated individuals from various backgrounds tempted to explore the potential of bringing positive change to their societies. 

Shams History

Shams Community started as a youth initiative called Irbid Youth Volunteers (IYV) in 2011. The original project consisted of youth-led teams which identified social problems and developed community-based solutions. From 2014-2015, IYV rebranded as Shams Community and expanded its operations beyond Irbid city. In 2016, Shams officially moved to Amman and opened a new location to facilitate its new programming, including dialogue sessions, workshops, and trainings. Since its founding, Shams has developed into a social enterprise that has received national and international awards, including the King Abdullah Award for Youth Achievement and Innovation, Badir Award for Young Jordanian Social Entrepreneurs, the Princess Basma Award for Development Work and Community Service, and the Synergos Arab World Social innovators Program.