People of Shams – Hisham

“I remember it clearly, I remember the day I walked into the classroom with proudness shown all over my face. I was 15 when I created my first and own videogame. Ever since I was a child I been dreaming about making my own animation and that day I did it. At movies, you can see a story but in games you can play the story. All of the sudden people started calling me ‘The Genies Man’. This pushed me to follow my passion. 

As we all know it’s not always easy to follow the path you wish for. My grades didn’t qualify to enter the university project that could expand my knowledge about computer science. I had to except it and choose another path. 

I still believe that if we can think it, then we can do it. In the future, I will start my own company and proceed the project that the 15-year-old boy started “ – Hisham