Shams Community

Day 5

Today we did a deep clean of the house. As having a clean house, really helps with maintaining good mental health and keeps you productive though the day! Be sure to give it a shot yourselves!

Additionally, we started compiling the feedback we got from participants of our trail virtual Shams Table, prepared materials for online host training, and worked on lists of online resources and offline activities to keep people busy and entertained at home (look below for our suggestions!)

Outside of work continued our workout routine, watched an excellent movie called Guava Island, ate delicious guacamole (made by Reilly) and chocolate banana cake (made by Hella), and finally enjoyed the sunshine after many rainy days!  ☀️

بدأنا يومنا الخامس بتنظيف كامل للمنزل,حيث يساعد تغير المكان وتنظيفه حولنا بالحصول على يوم عمل منتج. بعد ذلك قمنا بتجميع كل التغذية الراجعة والاقترحات من المشاركين في طاولة شمس اون لاين, وبدأنا بالتحضير لتدريب مجموعة جديدة من الاعضاء في مجتمع شمس لادارة الجلسات الحوارية. فريق السوشال ميديا عمل على اعداد قوائم لامور من الممكن عملها خلال فترة الحجر المنزلي من انشطة تعليمية أو ترفيهية لاستدامة الصحة النفسية للناس خلال هذه الاوقات الحرجة.
خارج وقت العمل,ما زلنا مستمرين بالروتين اليومين من تمارين الرياضية للمحافظة على لياقتنا,وشاهدنا فيلمًا ممتازًا يسمى جزيرة الجوافة ، وتناولنا جواكامول لذيذ (مصنوع من قبل رايلي) وكيكة موز مميزة قامت بعملها (هيلا), واستمتعنا بالجلوس تحت الشمس .  ☀️
Oggi abbiamo fatto le pulizie di primavera alla Shams House. Pulire la casa ci ha davvero aiutato ad essere produttivi tutto il giorno! Abbiamo iniziato a compilare i feedback ricevuti dai partecipanti della prova della Shams Table online, e lavorato a una lista di attività da fare per tenersi occupati a casa (troverete tutto nei post dei prossimi giorni). 
Lavoro a parte, abbiamo continuato la nostra routine di fitness, guardato il film “Guava Island” (davvero un bel film), mangiato ottimo guacamole preparato da Reilly, una torta alle banane e cioccolato preparata da Hella, e ci siamo goduti il tramonto dopo i giorni di pioggia. ☀️

Suggestions of things to do with your free time while in quarantine because of the corona virus:

Clean out your email inbox and spam

Register for a webinar or online course

Practice a little meditation

Find a new hobby

Learn to fix things using online tutorials, embroidery, write, dance, practice a new language

Finish something you started

Maybe its a book or a household project

Organize your wardrobe and remove everything you no longer use

Call family and friends you haven’t spoken to in awhile

Start reading a new book

Watch movies and TV series

Finish ones you started or explore! Find a cool new documentary or work your way through the old Classics or Oscar winners