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Shams Host Training Program

#ShamsTable is a unique format that gathers people with different backgrounds to express and exchange their thoughts on social and personal issues. We aim to provide individuals with non-judgmental spaces that encourage sharing knowledge, personal stories and critical thinking. 
Shams Table events are grassroot activities run by passionate individuals (we call them hosts) eager to engage their own communities in dialogue, understand different cultural views, and convert this dialogue into positive community impact. They are members of Shams Community, but their events are not controlled by it. Instead, they have received training, toolkits, and connection to a worldwide network of hosts all with the same goal of community dialogue and impact. 

So Why Host?

Shams hosts are passionate global citizens who seek to understand different cultural views and convert community dialogue into positive community impact. Hosting entails running a Table either in your own home, a friend’s, or in another neural space and facilitating a discussion that allows for this openness.

By joining, you gain access to all of these things:

Join a Global Movement

There are members and hosts all around the world, all interested addressing the same pressing issues as you are.

Self Empowerment

Be trained in dialogue, facilitation, marketing, and community building.

Initiative for Community Impact

Gain the knowledge and ability to make an impact in your community and spark change.

Access to Opportunities

Be able to constantly learn from others within and outside of the community. Improve your self and increase your knowledge of the world around you.

If interested, we will provide you with training, workshops, and toolkits, as well as a more in depth explanation of the ideas behind Shams and the Tables. Every session, the topic changes, building on the previous ones while also providing you with the opportunity to practice what you are learning, finally culminating in hosting a Shams Table of your own. Additionally, there will be opportunities for one-on-one planning sessions and mentorships with veteran hosts.

The Schedule

To be able to take the training, you must be able to attend all of the sessions. Currently, the schedule is accommodating for Ramadan and the Eid holiday.

Session 1: Introduction  —  Tuesday, May 12 (6-7 pm then 8-10:30 pm)

Session 2: Building the Table  —  Thursday, May 14 (8-10:30 pm)

Session 3: Promoting the Table  —  Saturday, May 16 (8-10:30 pm)

Session 4: Facilitation 1  —  Monday, May 18 (8-10:30 pm)

Session 5: Facilitation 2  —  Wednesday, May 20 (8-10:30 pm)

Session 6: Practice  —  Thursday, May 22 (8-11 pm)

Session 7: Hosting your Table  —  TBD. Will take place after the Eid holiday.

Session 8: Feedback  —  TBD. Will take place after the Eid holiday.

*All times are in Jordan Time

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