We are looking for applicants that are unique with strong leadership skills. Knowledge in the English and/or the Arabic  language is required. Additionally, we are seeking applicants ready and able to commit to working for at least 2  months but preference will be given to applicants who can commit 3-6 months of internship with our organization.


It is expected that all volunteers fulfill most of the following specifications:
Optimistic, Creative, Excellent communication skills, Team Worker, Confident, Hardworking, Dynamic, Willing to work under pressure, Well-organized, Fast learner, Self-motivated.


We are looking for individuals with a background/interests in the following areas below. Please note that we will tailor the internship according to the intern skills sets and lines between tasks are fluid. We always take into account our interns’ interests when assigning tasks:
Dialogue & Facilitation, Community building, Content creation & social media, Fundraising, Leadership/Project Management.

Working Environment

At Shams Community we work as a small social start up. We are committed towards the development, implementation and constant improvement of our projects. The timing of work is flexible and comfortable. We work in one small team which trust and respect each other while having an enjoyable time together. The most prominent characteristic of our working environment is the ability to comfortably exchange an array of ideas with the team collectively reaching decisions so as to promote learning and development of every single one of our team and beneficiaries.

Given our limited funds and current non profit organization status, We can’t provide housing or financial support to the interns.