Our activities

Shams Table

Shams table is a safe space for dialogue where minds, passions, and ideas meet. Here, solutions are brainstormed for the world’s challenges. This is not only a table for food. By sharing a meal together, a diverse group of individuals are brought together to inspire each other, and to discuss complex social issues and personal matters without pressure or judgement. It aims to offer people a sense of community and to allow them to contribute within their society.


Shams table is comprised of two parts:

Meaningful Dialogue

The word ‘dialogue’ comes from a compound greek phrase meaning ‘converse with’. It is a physical and intellectual activity that asks you to find new ways to question ideas, and to discover new perspectives on various topics. We believe change can start with a dialogue, and with the rapidly changing world around us, it is important to take a moment to talk.

Sharing  a meal

We are a diverse crowd with one thing in common: We love food! We share a meal in every gathering, it is one of the activities that transcends the boundaries of age, gender, race, and religion. It is the best way to bring people together.  Food is important, and it can go beyond societal restrictions. Sharing a meal allows a sense of safety and security, which allows guests to comfortably share their thoughts.

Shams hikes and retreats

Getting away from the city and getting back to nature is just the remedy many of us need to clear our minds of the pressure of daily life.

Shams hosts hikes and retreats around Jordan in spectacular natural areas such as Barqash Forest, Wadi Rum and Little Petra. Being out of range of WiFi can help many people focus on the world and people around them and spark fascinating conversations within the dialogue topics and about the world at large.

Shams Item swap

Many of us have shelves and closets full of items we rarely or never use. They take up space in our homes and in our minds as we wonder what to do with them.

At Shams we encourage people to reuse, recycle and repurpose items. Don’t throw something away that someone else could use. We invite people to donate items and look through other items taking what they need and leaving what they don’t.