Shams Community

Through Shams Tours, we want to challenge harmful stereotypes by enabling cultural exchange and fostering deeper insights through immersive tours and dialogue.

By complementing visits to major historical and cultural sites with intentional interactions with local community leaders, creators and small business owners, Shams Tours encourages visitors to challenge stereotypes, learn about society and politics, and participate in intercultural dialogue. Shams Tours resists the superficiality of typical touristic experiences and instead deliberately bridges the gap between visitors and locals, deepens visitors’ understanding of the place, and inspires insights on personal and intercultural levels.

Shams Tours Aims To:

Cultural Exchange

Our tours bring people together, provide the opportunity to gain more cultural understanding of Jordan and the Middle East in general.

Challenge Stereotypes

Forcing participants to challenge their perspectives and attempt to explain why they think that way.

Create sustainable practices

Encouraging and partnering with small, local businesses as well as ensuring that the price for the tour goes to them helps create sustainable development and income opportunities

Raise awareness about social and political issues

Critical thinking and collective learning through interaction and dialogue raises awareness of social and political issues that are often shared between communities.

Previous Tours​

Yoga retreats in the Wadi Rum desert. Explorations of both Little and Big Petra. Cultural excursions into the northern mountains. Dialogues deep within Dead Sea Wadis. These are just a few examples of experiences you can have through Shams Tours. 

Yoga Wadi Rum 1

Wadi Rum


The North


Dead Sea Wadis

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Each tour varies in lengths and designed based around different themes, be it on religion, culture, or traditional art, which can be tailored to fit with what you are hoping to experience or see while in Jordan. Additionally, our tours benefit and provide you an opportunities to meet with a diverse group of Jordanians including: youth, talented artists and craftsmen, home-based or women projects, as well as social or environmental projects like good cause projects and refugee women’s cooperatives.