Shams Community Gatherings

Shams Community organizes and facilitates gatherings and community events such as dialogues, workshops, talks, and tours led by passionate global citizens called Hosts. Hosts are eager to engage their own communities in dialogue, understand different cultural views, and convert this dialogue into positive community impact. 

Shams provides the Host with training, guidelines, toolkits, and a connection to a worldwide network of hosts, as well as continuous support in their personal development and  growth.


Gathering to share a meal and engage in meaningful dialogue in a safe space with people from different backgrounds and perspectives.


Community talks led in tandem with gathered activists, experts, and community members to open the conversation and raise awareness about important social issues.


Multi-day tours (adventure, historical, or escape into nature) with a focus on creating safe spaces for self-learning, reflection, discovery, and connection.


Retreats that combine different activities (Tables, Visits, Tours, and other outdoor activities) to encourage connection, critical thinking, and reflection.


Learning visits and experiences to local social and environmental grassroots projects that connect the local community with hands-on sustainable learning opportunities.


Social gatherings with a flexible structure that aim to gather people to mingle, connect, and engage with one another.

host program

Tailored training program for members from around the world that provides the skills and and materials to become facilitators and global ambassadors of Shams.

member-led events

In-person hub gatherings led by Shams members (with guidance and support from the Shams team) who are eager to engage the local community in a variety of ways.

Shams Table

Connected, Engaged, and Empowered Communities

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